If you’re feeling scared and anxious, you’re not alone!

People living in KwaZulu-Natal and across South Africa are still feeling unsettled following the recent riots. Many have been left feeling anxious, nervous, distracted, or overwhelmed. And many are wondering how to focus on work and their day-to-day lives when nothing feels certain.

Here are some ways to try and help you cope:

1. Know that what you feel is normal 

Traumatic events like this remove us from our comfort zones. We have already been living in uncertainty due to the Covid-19 pandemic, adding civil unrest to this is a lot for our already strained emotions. It is natural to feel anxious, scared or overwhelmed during these times. 

2. Focus on what you can control

To function at full capacity, we need to use both conscious internal thought and instinctual emotion. If you feel that these are unbalanced at the moment, take note of this and decide what capacity you have to fully function. Being able to realistically decide what you can do will give you a sense of control. 

3. Communicate honestly

If you are struggling, communication is key. Talk to your family, friends, or anybody you feel you can trust. Being able to speak openly will allow you to feel more in control and comfortable. Speaking from a place of honesty and vulnerability, which can feel intimidating for some people, helps to articulate the areas where you are needing help and guidance. 

Limit media exposure

4. Limit your media exposure

In times of crisis, there’s a tendency to seek out any news or information on social media about what’s going on. We often feel that being fully informed all the time will be comforting, but it has the opposite effect. Being constantly exposed to negative information will leave you feeling more drained and anxious. Try to limit the amount of time you spend watching the news or scrolling on social media. 


5. Be mindful of your anger

Amid times of violence and tragedy, we as individuals often don’t have control of ways to improve the situation. It’s natural to feel angry, frustrated, or powerless during these times. As a result, people can begin to displace this anger onto those around them. When you begin to feel this way, try to incorporate mindful habits such as breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, or other forms of physical exercise. These are all great ways to help you reduce stress and settle your emotions. 

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