If you have never sought homeopathic treatment before, you can expect the consultation to be different from typical medical appointments. In this article, we’ll guide you through a general idea of what to expect at your first visit to a homeopath. 

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Finding a doctor

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Arriving at your consultation

When you arrive at your first consultation, it’s best to come 10–15 minutes early so that you can fill in the relevant patient forms. 

During your consultation 

The exact format of your consultation will differ depending on the doctor’s style and your goals, but most consultations will have the following characteristics:


You can expect the initial consultation to last about an hour, as the homeopath is seeking a large scope of information that will aid in providing you with a tailored care plan, specific to your needs.

Your history

During your first consultation, the homeopathic doctor will take a complete and detailed history. This will address various factors, including:

  • The main complaint and related symptoms, including onset, location, sensations, etc.
  • Your general health and wellbeing
  • Your general state, which includes questions about your disposition, likes, preferences, dislikes, aversions and more
  • Your past medical history – treatment, formal diagnosis, or pathology results
  • Family history
  • Your mental and emotional health

Physical examination

The homeopath will conduct a pertinent physical examination, which may include blood pressure, temperature and pulse. They may refer you for additional special tests (blood tests, ultrasound, x-rays etc.) if deemed necessary. They will also assess your nutritional and lifestyle factors.

Diagnosis and treatment 

Diagnosis and appropriate treatment will then follow the detailed history and physical examination. Most homeopathic doctors dispense directly at their practices, or they may write a prescription to be filled. 

Homeopathy acknowledges that most people won’t experience a condition in exactly the same way. That’s why the homeopath will need time and plenty of information to identify the remedy that will be most helpful to you. 

Once the homeopath has gathered all of your information, he or she will review your data and look for patterns which will guide the doctor to a homeopathic remedy and/or other treatment. Sometimes the doctor will make an immediate recommendation and provide you with the remedy at your first visit. Other times, they will need to study the information further and contact you later with a treatment plan. 

Frequently asked questions

Why does the homeopath ask so many questions?

Along with learning about your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, the homeopathic practitioner will ask detailed questions and specific descriptions of your sensations. They may also ask you questions which may seem unrelated to the predominant complaint, such as your dreams, fears, goals, and even your weather preferences. These nuances are critical in a homeopathic evaluation and treatment plan. 

Will I need a follow-up?

Follow-up consultations will vary according to the condition being treated. Follow-up appointments are typically shorter in duration than initial consultations. 

During the follow-up, the homeopath aims to determine your response to the remedy and the next steps. He or she will want detailed information about your response to treatment so that they can determine the continued plan of action. 

How much will my consultation cost?

As primary healthcare practitioners, the cost of a homeopathic consultation and medicines dispensed will vary from doctor to doctor. 

Will medical aid cover my consultation?

The majority of medical aids provide coverage for both consultation and treatment by homeopathic doctors. The extent of the coverage will vary depending on the medical aid and the plan you are on. It is advisable to confirm with your medical aid as to the extent of coverage offered before scheduling a consultation. 

Why do homeopaths write so many notes?

Your doctor attempts to record symptoms comprehensively and accurately as it aids with the research they do after the consultation. 

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